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Break Left(v.)
From Advanced Fighter Tactics. Immediate, defensive, maximum performance fighter maneouver.

The act of going out; an airing; an excursion.

Sometimes it rains All the pictures above here are completely sort of random. Reload the page to see another one (and another one and another one of the more than 50).


Some things we did

Words in Norsk and stuff (Sugerør)
The Montreal Blog - slow motion supercar restoration - a web site I made with Vidar
The ConnectNav Setup CD - Teach your navigator English
Grab your copy of the famous SpamAssassin advance fee custom rules

Some things I wrote:
Fisherman's Blues
Ten Years Gone (and then some)
Historien om Alfa Romeo Montreal (norwegian)
Republic F-105 Thunderchief
Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik
How to unintentionally steal an air-to-air missile

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All photos on this website are taken by Tor Willy Austerslått, Torfinn Ingolfsen or a guy called Keith, except the aircraft photos which are either taken by unknown people or are explicitly credited. That's the idea, anyway. If you happen to see your own photo here and it makes you rabid, my mail address is twa in this domain.