Break Left Outings

What's up with this web site anyway?

Break Left Outings started out as a drunk joke in 2002. Torfinn and me went to London to meet some people, and decided to print up a few business cards we could hand out. The invented company name was supposed to be really, really silly, yet somehow connected to the fact that we travelled here & there in those days. We wanted the email addresses on the business cards to work too, so we had a few beers and started to brainstorm.

We came up with Break Left Outings. I can't remember our official titles anymore, but they were as silly as the non-existing company we travelled as representatives of. We registered this domain (but only after first registering Yes there was alcohol involved)) and meant for it to disappear silently into the annals of the internet after one year. It didn't. is (and has always been) privately hosted. The domain proprietors have complete control over what's going on on the server and the internet pipe. We like it that way. We are physically located near the internet I-root and think it's worth mentioning that the majority of the internet root servers now are located elsewhere than the US. You might nok like this, but we don't care.

Over time, it became more and more of an internet repository for all things that needs or not needs to be on the internet. Most of this aren't accessible from the front page, and no part of is directly available through search engines.

Yeah, I know the page colours are ugly. Irritating, isn't it? Oh, and you should know this: there's the odd page here containing Google ads. We're not allowed to tell you what you're supposed to do with them. This is the noughties. You know what to do.

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