15-Mar-2009 14:43 UTC

I’m sitting (planted, really) in bed, smoking, listening to Olsen Olsen from Sigur Rós’ 1999 album Ágætis byrjun, reading a somewhat interesting article on Kvenland while waiting for a 283 MB uplink transfer to a customer’s server, having a cold which includes stomach tingling and a runny nose, drinking cold coffee, trying to work but can’t. The sun shines outside the window, and the Olsen Olsen Da Capo is impressive in its chaotic song-theme-cum-background-noise. I guess I should be outside, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

I have one more coffee to drink on the Lido, but it won’t be today.

Never mind the bow. That’s how he always plays the guitar.

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