April 17, 2005

Thanks for your letter.

Or, I assume it was the modern day equivalent of one. 50 years ago you would perhaps have written it on paper, stuffed it in an envelope and sent it along with the Queen’s head on. I don’t know.

But I suppose 50 years ago we wouldn’t have met.

Since you asked me how life was, I realized maybe there’s someone else out there wondering about how my life is these days. I haven’t run into many people in this place, but still.

A couple of days ago he was eight years old. Not much of a birthday party though. His sister had a friend over, and that was pretty much about it. No use inviting the guys from school since nobody likes logistical nightmares in their spare time. You can fit only so many wheelchairs in here too. We had hot dogs for dinner and ice cream for dessert. Instead of the usual water, we drank some kind of fizzy lemonade. The daddy mantra says we can eat whatever we like for birthday celebrations. Birtdays counts as a party, and for parties, no rules on healthy eating apply. So we had hot dogs and drank fizzy lemonade.

It was a good day of sorts.

Three weeks ago I went back to school. Not the college kind of thing, but a self study on leadership with a few gatherings thrown in. It’s very different from the stuff I spend my days doing otherwise. I can’t remember offhand what the english term for subjects like these are, but you’ll understand. I’m sure you will cause you often do (but you must realize I haven’t written or spoken english for a very long time). In any case, it’s a bit confusing for an engineer-brain like me, and I woved to never become a leader so the motivation is a bit lacking at times.

Oh, and the other thing that sort of ticks me off is that the underlying theme of it all is to educate leaders so that the companies they’re employed in can make more money. The reading material is trying hard to couple happiness to this. Money means working longer days. Money means prioritizing your employer over friends. Making more money means making fewer friends. So is money happiness?

I know a little about that.

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